I am writing to urge all Republicans and Undeclared voters to support Dan Winslow in the primary for U.S. Senate on Tuesday April 30th. As one of the original organizers of the first Boston Tax Day Tea Party and the lead organizer of the Boston Independence Day Tea Party in 2009 I believe Dan embodies the principles that are at the core of the Tea Party; limited government, individual liberty and prosperity through private sector growth. The principles of freedom and opportunity inform his approach to policy on every issue.
Dan understands that we have to get our economy growing and our federal debt and deficits shrinking. He recently released a statement on his proposed tax policy – a comprehensive reform package that works to eliminate special deductions and antiquated loopholes that have continuously put the interests of DC politicians and corporations before the interests of the hard working American people. The best way to get the money out of politics is to get the politics out of our tax code.
I agree with Dan that the free market is the best answer to our problems with jobs and the economy. America is home to the highest skilled workforce in the world, but we need to empower them by eliminating over regulation. Government needs to get out of the way and let small businesses thrive. Every year billions of dollars are spent in order to comply with outdated and unnecessary regulations, rather than put towards hiring more workers. We need to encourage investment in education and new technology.
Dan is also a strong supporter of our right to bear arms as specifically protected in the Second Amendment. As a Massachusetts State Representative, he is rightly proud of his A+ rating from the Gun Owners Action League.
For years I have been hearing people ask “Where are the fiscally conservative, socially moderate Republicans we used to have in Massachusetts?” Well meet Dan Winslow. According to the Boston Globe, Dan Winslow is “a creative, energetic…ideas merchant” and “a breath of fresh air.”
I believe Dan Winslow is the best choice to represent the majority of people in Massachusetts as our next Senator. For that to happen we need to turn out on Primary Day, Tuesday April 30. I urge you to do so.

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