Why is This Tax Day Rally Important?

Conservatism in Massachusetts – A huge turnout on historic Boston Common will show that the Conservative movement is not only alive and well, it is ratcheting up its efforts to do whatever is necessary to slash government spending, reduce the federal debt and “Unburden the Next Generation”.

Collaborative Activism – For the first time, Conservative groups throughout the Commonwealth – all the major Tea Parties, gun owners, Libertarians, Republicans and Independents – are joining together to synergistically support and promote a singular project.

Newsworthy –By aggressively promoting the rally and turning out 2,000 patriots, the event will necessarily become a newsworthy “item” for city, state and national news coverage.

Morale Booster – After the November elections, a robust rally will reinvigorate Conservatives and encourage new recruits to step up.

On January 16, Governor Deval Patrick laid out an ambitious budget proposal during his State of the State address. In other words, he has an ambitious proposal to tax the middle class into oblivion. With a proposed increase in the income tax, gas tax, fare rates and fees, he is well armed in a war on taxpayers.

To make matters worse, we recently learned the details of his proposal to eliminate tax breaks for things as varied as child care, tuition, lead paint removal and Health Savings Accounts. If the governor gets his way, this would mean a far reaching and all encompassing tax increase on everyone in the Commonwealth. For a full list of these tax breaks proposed for elimination, see Stephanie Ebbert’s January 19 piece in the Boston Globe.

Luckily, this budget is merely a proposal from the governor. The House will submit their own budget by late April – no doubt, taking the governor’s wish list into account.

This is an excellent time to write a Letter to the Editor, educate friends and neighbors and call your representatives (yes, all of them) to weigh in on these budget issues.

Taxpayers are freshly annoyed by the 2 percent withholding tax that went into effect in January. Wait till they hear that the governor has even more designs on their wallets.


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