Don’t Give Up the Tea Party

I’m a little Tea Party short and stout. Here is my computer, here is my mouth. When I am overtaxed here me shout, November 6th will show what we’re about! In just days we will have a national election which will affirm or destroy the concept of America…it is that...Read more

A Guide to Writing Letters to the Editor

In an effort to promote and spread the conservative message, we’d like to encourage Tea Party members to write Letters to The Editor to your local papers. Don’t be intimidated by them. Editors are looking for your opinion – you don’t have to be an expert. They are not difficult...Read more

Standing for Tea Party principles.

I am writing to urge all Republicans and Undeclared voters to support Dan Winslow in the primary for U.S. Senate on Tuesday April 30th. As one of the original organizers of the first Boston Tax Day Tea Party and the lead organizer of the Boston Independence Day Tea Party in...Read more

Why is This Tax Day Rally Important?

Why is This Tax Day Rally Important? Conservatism in Massachusetts – A huge turnout on historic Boston Common will show that the Conservative movement is not only alive and well, it is ratcheting up its efforts to do whatever is necessary to slash government spending, reduce the federal debt and...Read more

Sullivan seeing the national debt as the greatest threat

The Ten Commandments, starring Charlton Heston as Moses, left lifelong impressions on me since my fourth grade class was bused into Boston from Watertown to see the movie in glorious Technicolor and Panavision. I’ll never forget the leper colony scene that caused such shrieking and recoil in the balcony that...Read more